How to Sell Private Label Coffee

By NovoCapsule | 11/08/2022

Private Label Coffee

First of all, let us congratulate you on your latest endeavor! It was a good choice to look into selling your coffee through private labeling! It’s an easy way to build up your own brand and increase coffee sales, the process is relatively simple, and it’s so much cheaper because you don’t have to create your own roasting company at the same time.

Of course, it would help to see the steps to sell your coffee after obtaining your own private label brand so that your coffee was successful. Keep reading and we can give you the steps to take.

Locate a Private Label Coffee Roaster

Once you have a brand, you need coffee to put your brand name on it. Most coffee companies like yours don’t actually roast the coffee themselves. That’s a whole other business.

You want to look for private label coffee suppliers, not wholesale. Wholesale suppliers require you to buy in bulk, which also requires an inventory, and they won’t assist you in the packaging process. Essentially, they roast the beans, pack them up, and ship them to retailers, but this doesn’t help you if you don’t have a physical location to sell the coffee products.

Private label coffee suppliers will package the coffee with your branding and allow you to sell at your prices and with your marketing. They offer significant marketing stability, free from many concerns. And, of course, such coffee suppliers still roast the beans for you.

Another huge benefit to such coffee roasters is that they usually allow you to ask for certain tweaks and alterations to a blend in order to be more unique to your brand and suit the tastes of your target audiences.

It would be easiest to find a local roaster so that communication is simple and you can more easily make sure the end project has the flavor, boldness, and quality that you’re looking for. If you can’t, there are a number of roasters you can find online. Discern your partner carefully because each may have various requirements such as –

  • Regular fees
  • Minimum orders
  • Supply bags supplied by you
  • Labels supplied by you

Choose your Packaging Program

As a private-label coffee company, you need to choose how you will pack your coffee. There are three common options:

  • Bulk bins
  • Private bags
  • Single-serve pods

When it comes to private label coffee, it is more practical to opt for the single serve capsules because this particular market has been steadily growing for the last 3 years and is projected to grow between 7-9% between now and 2027.

Just from the beginning of 2022, the coffee capsule industry was estimated to be valued at $25 billion. If you intend to start anywhere with selling coffee, coffee capsules are a good place to start.

Find a Private Label Coffee Capsule Manufacturer

Now, you don’t have to follow our advice in choosing to pack your coffee into single-serve coffee capsules and coffee pods, but if you do, you’ll need a reliable coffee capsule manufacturer. There are several things you should look for in these manufacturing companies.

  1. They should have experience with private labels
  2. They should have a reliable reputation
  3. They should be able to work in conjunction with your roasting company
  4. They should be able to make coffee capsules compatible with major coffee makers
  5. They should be able to help make your brand stand out from their other clients

It’s even better when you can find a manufacturer that doesn’t require minimum orders but don’t it against them if this is the case. After all, just as for your business, they require you to make a minimum amount of money to break even each month.

Why Choose Novocapsule?

We fit all of the above criteria. Take a look –

Experience with Private Labels

Novocapsule is the result of a powerful partnership between Spresso Novo-Cup and Leuthold Mechanik AG. Spresso, originating in the startup nation of Israel, has tremendous experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, and most importantly, the global sales of private label products meant for consumption.

A Reliable Reputation

Since our start in 2016, we now produce more than half a billion capsules each year, with sales generated on six continents.

Workable with Your Roasting Company

Our unique aluminum capsule design was precisely made with the help of Swiss tool manufacturer, Leuthold Mechanik AG, to be optimized for perfect sealing, OTR, visual aesthetics, and stability during transportation. All of these subfactors are very important to coffee roasters.

Coffee Capsules are Compatible with Major Coffee Makers

It’s essential to be compatible with at least one of the major coffee machine brands such as Keurig, Necaffe, and Nespresso. Novocapsule is compatible with Nespresso.

Your Brand will Stand Out

Novocapsule is equipped with 11 different colors of capsules for your company to choose from, as well as mixed pallets, custom colors, and custom printing.

Dropshipping or Wholesaling your Coffee Pods

We explained earlier that choosing wholesale suppliers will require you to have an inventory that you manage, but dropshipping is different.

Both dropshipping and wholesale of your private coffee label will manage your coffee inventory, but dropshipping doesn’t require YOU to have that inventory.

Instead, when a customer places an order for your product, the order is passed to the manufacturer. Or, if not the manufacturer, then the retail, supplier, or a dropshipping service (if you hire one). Since it’s passed to them, and they supply the demand, they manage the inventory.

The advantage that wholesale has over dropshipping is the discount you usually get since you buy in bulk, but for you, the advantage may be to avoid the large upfront costs by choosing dropshipping.


There you have it! It makes planning your next business decision so much easier when there’s a list of the major steps to follow. Of course, in this short article, we couldn’t get the finer details of each step, but at least you have a good start for the rest of your entrepreneurial journey.



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