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Customization Possibilities

At Novo capsule, in addition to our unique design that adds strength and stability, we offer a CUSTOMIZATION by printing or embossing your logo/image that represents your brand or any other information.

Novocapsule logo - coffee colors
1 Choose an image
Novocapsule logo - half color
2 We will embed it
NovoCapsule coffee capsule embossed with logo
3 To your own capsule

Recycled Aluminum Capsule

Now available capsules made of recycled aluminum Which contributes to reducing waste and improving the climate. Its use maintains the same coffee quality

recycled-icon coffee-beans capsule

In the Media

Novo capsule congratulates GIMOKA GROUP
Novo capsule congratulates GIMOKA GROUP

Novo capsule congratulates our customer GIMOKA GROUP on the amazing results of Altroconsumo that tested 24 different types of capsules compatible with the Nespresso system and positioned GIMOKA GROUP among the top leading brands, thanks to their high quality coffee filled in Novo’s aluminum capsule. We are proud to be part of their success!

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How can roasters diversify into the coffee capsule market?

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