What is Proffee, and is it Good for You?


Ever since Tiktok became a part of the digital social space, the world has not been the same place it was. Tiktok has been at the forefront of rapidly distributing information to its over a billion users across the globe. This is true for one of the latest viral trends in the coffee space, proffee.

But what is proffee? Let’s find out:

What is proffee?

Proffee is exactly what you think it is. It is a combination of Coffee and Protein. Tiktok users make proffee by adding protein powder to cold coffee.

Even though the trend involves adding protein powder to cold coffee, you can also use hot coffee to make proffee. You can customize the flavor of the proffee that you end up with to your tastebuds’ liking.

Is proffee good for you?

It is essential to break proffee into its basic components, coffee, and protein, to understand whether it is good for you. Coffee is rich in caffeine, vitamin B12, and Magnesium. It is known to help boost performance and delay fatigue.

In contrast, protein helps the body repair itself by facilitating cell repairs. It also supports the growth of structural structures of the body, like the skin and other organs, especially in teenagers and expectant mothers.

Expectant and lactating mothers must keep the level of coffee they consume in check because caffeine is passed through breast milk. For this reason, lactating mothers are advised to keep their coffee levels below 300mg or less than three cups daily.

All things considered, it is safe to say that proffee is good for you when consumed in the right quantities. However, some diet experts have argued that proffee is not the best way to access the benefits of its components.

How to make proffee

Making proffee is not too different from making a regular cup of coffee. For starters, you need an espresso coffee capsule, protein powder or protein shake, and milk (for white coffee) or ice cubes (for cold proffee).

Step-by-step guide for making proffee

Up to this point, you probably want to know what proffee tastes like and whether it’s going to tickle your fancy. Let’s go through the steps of making a cup of proffee.

  1. Brew your coffee. Use an espresso machine to make a healthy shot of coffee using your coffee capsule.
  2. Add your protein shake and some water or milk to a coffee mug and stir until there are no visible clumps.
  3. Add your cold or hot coffee to the mixture while stirring.
  4. Add ice cubes if you want your proffee extra cold.
  5. You can add sweeteners if you like your proffee sweet.

There you have it. You will have a healthy amount of coffee and protein in three minutes in one dose.

Proffee – Protein Coffee: A New Health Trend

Majority of the Tiktokers taking part in the #Proffee trend swear by its benefits. Some users claim that it gives them that much-needed boost during their workout if they take it pre-workout.

Other users have claimed that it helps them lose weight when consumed regularly. It is too early to confirm their claims as this could simply be a massive case of the placebo effect.

Overall, proffee appears to be a glorified method of consuming more caffeine and proteins.

According to diet experts, individuals are better off sourcing their protein from whole foods like eggs, beans, milk, and seafood. The logic behind this is that protein shakes can have added sugars and lower-quality proteins.

Does proffee help you lose weight?

As with every other claim up to this point, it is not possible to conclusively express the weight loss benefits of proffee. However, previous studies have associated coffee and protein consumption with weight management. However, this does directly translate to weight loss.

In a 2019 meta-analysis of studies, there was a correlation between coffee intake and fat loss, especially among male participants of the study. A different study from 2020 suggested that coffee could help to lower body fat in women.

In another study conducted in 2020, there was evidence that a high-protein diet was an effective tool for weight loss. The study also suggested that a high-protein diet was a good remedy for obesity.

Clearly, these studies were conducted based on the individual components of proffee and not proffee itself as a product. While it might seem obvious that the benefits of the individual components pass on to the complete product they make, this is not always true.

Only a formal study on proffee can authoritatively confirm its health benefits and side effects.

Does proffee help you train and get stronger?

Protein is key in muscle repair. Effectively, this attribute makes it a suitable inclusion in your diet when you are training. With the right amount of protein in your diet, your body can recover faster and build more muscle.

However, taking the right amount of protein at the right time is also important. For instance, taking a proffee during the 20-minute window after a long bout of exercise is ideal. The body absorbs the digested protein faster during this period.

Despite this, too much or too little can prevent you from achieving your goal.

As stated earlier, proffee is a simple method of consuming protein. However, better methods of consuming higher-quality protein exist and should be considered during training.

What are some drawbacks of proffee?

Moderation is key when drinking proffee. There isn’t a standardized number of cups of proffee that a person can consume. However, the FDA indicates that most adults are capable of consuming about three to four cups of coffee daily without severe side effects.

Side effects of coffee include

  1. Inconsistent sleep patterns.
  2. Problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Increased risk of certain conditions to some people.

Since proffee is made up of coffee, most of these side effects are prevalent to consumers of proffee. Users are advised to determine an acceptable amount of coffee that works for them without side effects and work with that.


Proffee is not bad. However, diet experts advise individuals to find alternative methods of consuming caffeine and protein that are healthier and more beneficial.

Go ahead if you like how it smells, looks, or tastes. Enjoy a cup of proffee. There is no imminent danger to your health.


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