Sustainable Aluminum Foil Packaging

Sustainable aluminum foil packaging

The impact of aluminum on the environment

The world is in a crisis. Plastic waste has infiltrated and is crippling our natural ecosystem. Many companies today use plastic to package their products because it’s cheap. And the affordability is making things worse by the day.

The worst part: many companies seem unbothered by the adverse effects plastic has on the environment. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

There are other cost-effective yet sustainable packaging options that businesses can adopt to help protect the environment in the long haul. One such material is aluminum.

Aluminum is, by far, the most abundant metal on earth. It’s infinitely and cheaply recyclable and its application cuts across different industries. Further, it’s corrosion resistant, durable and has a significantly high strength-to-weight ratio.

Aluminum does not pollute the environment like plastic does because it’s infinitely recyclable. In fact, over 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today. That’s impressive, right?

The best part about aluminum is that even with all the recycling, it never loses its original physical and mechanical properties. This is nothing like plastic, which loses its properties the more it’s recycled.

Now, governing bodies worldwide are waking up to the reality of global warming and the role of plastic in it. Most have started formulating policies to tame the problem before it gets out of control.

From the U.S. to Canada to Europe , governments are implementing regulations that are driving more businesses away from using plastic. And this is a good thing. It’s creating mass awareness of the dangers of using plastic to humanity, and people are taking the message seriously.

Because of these regulations (besides the harm plastic causes to the environment), people are opting to buy from brands that use environmentally friendly materials to pack their products. And those using aluminum and other environmentally friendly materials are winning.

When it comes down to choosing two coffee brands on the shelves in the convenience store, you want to have the upper hand against your competitor. Using aluminum foil coffee capsules is one way to do it.

Making aluminum foil capsules

Aluminum foil coffee capsules are made by combining recycled aluminum with primary aluminum or other food-safe materials. Primary aluminum is freshly produced aluminum that’s never been recycled. Recycled aluminum is sometimes referred to as secondary aluminum.

Your roaster may offer several material compositions depending on your needs. Factors like budget may also influence the composition of primary and secondary aluminum in your final aluminum foil coffee capsule.

For instance, some foils are made from 30% primary aluminum and 70% recycled aluminum. Others have a composition of 20/80 and some have 10/90.

It’s worth mentioning that NovoCapsule’s aluminum foil capsules are made from 80% to 90% recycled aluminum. This is a completely sustainable way of producing coffee capsules because less energy is used to recycle, lowering the production cost and impact on the environment.

Moving on, when an aluminum coffee capsule is made, it undergoes a cleaning process that includes sterilization to prevent contamination. First, every capsule is flushed with an air gun to remove contaminants from inside the capsule.

After removing contaminants, the capsules are sterilized using ultraviolet (UV) light. Now they are ready to be filled with coffee.

Advantages of using aluminum foil to pack your coffee

We’ve learned that the world is in dire need of sustainable packaging materials that will mitigate the disaster that plastic has caused. Aluminum is championing the list of materials with a promise of containing the problem.

While that is wonderful, it’s not the only reason you should pack all your coffee in aluminum. There are more benefits as seen below.

  • Aluminum doesn’t affect coffee flavor. Unlike plastic or other materials that may leave your coffee with an odor, aluminum doesn’t. Your coffee stays fresh and maintains the roast aroma until it reaches the customer.
  • It can withstand high operating temperatures. Under a little heat, organic materials and others like plastic will melt away; this is bad for your coffee. But not aluminum. One of its many characteristics is its resistance to heat.
  • Aluminum has a lower oxygen transmission rate (OTR). Ground coffee stays fresher for longer when it’s kept away from oxygen. Aluminum doesn’t let oxygen reach the coffee as fast as other materials do. Coffee is guaranteed to stay fresher longer.
  • It’s food-safe. Aluminum does not leak harmful micro-particles into the coffee. Plastic is known to release microplastics which may have adverse side-effects to the body in the long term.

Final thoughts: Sustainable aluminum foil packaging

The benefits of using aluminum to pack your coffee far outweigh those of other materials. From food safety to strength and heat resistance to low OTR. So naturally, aluminum is slowly but surely becoming the go-to material of choice for coffee capsules.

This is why in the near future, more governments will impose strict regulations on the use of plastic and the recycling of materials like aluminum.

In selecting aluminum as your packaging material, you are not only making a statement about your commitment to sustainability, but also about the premium quality of your coffee products. Aluminum offers superior preservation capabilities, ensuring that the coffee’s freshness and flavor are maintained at their peak. Conversely, while plastic is a more cost-effective option, it may compromise the overall perception of your brand due to its less favorable environmental impact and potential for flavor transmission. It is worth noting that discerning coffee enthusiasts often prefer products housed in aluminum, recognizing its higher quality and sustainability credentials. This choice reflects on your brand’s image, where aluminum packaging is often proudly displayed, while plastic tends to be less prominently showcased.

Considering that using aluminum might be an opportunity to also attract a new customer who’s conscious of their contribution to climate change, it’s worth switching to using aluminum foil coffee capsules for your private label brand. But before you look elsewhere, talk to us, we have the perfect aluminum foil coffee capsules for your business.



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