Recycled Coffee Capsules and Why it’s Important to Recycle Aluminum

recycled coffee capsules

One of the biggest challenges facing humanity today is environmental degradation. The ecosystem that supports life is under great threat from a myriad of factors. One of the biggest factors is the pollution of the environment through waste disposal.

Many countries the world over have failed to employ measures to regulate how waste is collected and disposed of. This apathy has led to the formation of massive landfills with tons of garbage with nowhere to go. One solution that’s often touted as the remedy to this issue is recycling.

But what is recycling?

Let’s look at what it is and how the coffee industry can play its role in securing a future for our planet by using recycled coffee capsules.

What is recycling?

Recycling is the process where used products are turned into new products to prevent wastage, reduce cost, and lower the rate of environmental pollution. This process helps turn waste into a valuable resource.

Initially, the majority of the coffee capsules made across the globe were made out of plastic and other environmentally unfriendly materials. Considering that coffee capsules are single-use, this was a great concern for environmentalists since it wasn’t sustainable in the long term. It necessitated the use of alternative, environmentally friendly materials like aluminum.

What aluminum is used to make coffee capsules?

Most aluminum coffee capsules are made from the aluminum 1100 alloy. An alloy is a metallic element made by combining two or more metallic elements. This alloy comprises 99% aluminum and 1% iron, copper, and silicon.

The aluminum 1100 alloy is commonly used for creating food and beverage packaging because of its intrinsic properties that allow bending, stamping, and roll forming. Aluminum coffee capsules are food containers requiring stamping and molding to form their unique shape. These requirements make aluminum 1100 alloy a prime material candidate to be used in their manufacture.

Why is recycling aluminum so important?

Aluminum is infinitely recyclable. It can be recycled numerous times without degrading its quality, unlike other materials like copper. Although this is a sufficient incentive to recycle aluminum, it’s not the only reason.

Aluminium is known to preserve the aroma of coffee. It acts as a barrier against oxygen, sunlight, and humidity. When recycled aluminum coffee capsules are sealed, sunlight, oxygen, and humidity are kept at bay, and the result is pleasant. The flavor of the coffee inside is preserved almost to perfection.

In addition to preserving the quality of coffee, aluminum is inexpensive and readily available worldwide. There is a high probability that if you fly to any country in the world, you will encounter aluminum products when you set foot at the airport.

Aluminum also requires less energy to produce than virgin materials. This simply means that it is cheaper (energy-wise) to recycle aluminum coffee capsules than it is to produce brand-new plastic coffee capsules.

In summation, all these factors save the world billions of dollars every year. Considering that the capsule industry will be worth over US $29 billion by the end of 2025, this is a good thing.

To this end, it is worth noting that NovoCapsules creates capsules out of aluminum foil which is 90% recycled.

The Aluminum Recycling Loop and Recycled Coffee Capsules

In an effort to reduce environmental degradation, more companies are resolving to what they call a circular business model, especially with regard to packaging. This business model is one where packaging materials are recycled infinitely without creating new ones.

The process begins with the collection of disposed aluminum materials. Disposed materials can come from packaging material, written-off cars, and spills from factories. These materials are collected and shipped to a recycling plant where they are cleaned, disinfected, and prepared for recycling.

The material is then melted and molded into sheets or other shapes depending on the purpose it is meant to serve. The sheets are acquired and used to create aluminum coffee capsules by companies in that line of business.

It is worth noting that the description of the aluminum loop provided here is by no means comprehensive. It is, merely put, a simple depiction of the mechanics of the aluminum recycling loop. The complete process is much more elaborate and would require its article to explain fully.

Sustainable Coffee brand – why your clients care about sustainability and recycling

As a private-label coffee brand, you should be wary of your customer’s concerns regarding environmental pollution. One intrinsic quality and goal of the human species is the preservation and continuity of the species.

For this reason, more people have become sensitized to the adverse effects of polluting the environment because it is an existential threat. People are more cautious than ever about their role in saving the planet.

Simply put, most of your customers likely care about sustainability and recycling. Failing to get on the bandwagon of recycling might deal a big blow to your business in terms of revenue and customer acquisition. Logic dictates that it is in the best interest of your business to start using recycled aluminum coffee capsules to package your coffee.

Additionally, ensure your customers are aware of your recycling efforts and policies. This will not only incentivize purchases from the ever-growing number of environmentalists, but it will also (in a twisted way) increase the profitability of your business. There is nothing for you to lose!


All things considered, it turns out that aluminum coffee capsules are pretty good for the environment. They reduce wastage, save the world energy, reduce carbon emissions released to the atmosphere, and offer numerous benefits to the quality of the coffee they package.

Businesses using aluminum packages will also likely encounter more benefits from recycled aluminum coffee capsules.

So what are you waiting for? Get going and order recycled aluminum coffee capsules from NovoCapsules. They are the best in the game.


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